• 4 Sessions

    Build a Water Habit Challenge

    ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? This time you’ll have the support you’ve always wanted from our Health Coaches!
  • 5 Sessions

    Healthy Strategies for Picky Eaters

    During the early years, kids develop their tastes and preferences. They can be headstrong when it comes to trying new foods. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for picky eaters. The best solution to picky eating will come from a good understanding of what causes it in the first place.
  • 2 Sessions

    Stress 101

    We will all suffer from high states of stress at some point in our lives. This course will educate you on what stress is, its effects on your body and how to manage it.
  • 9 Sessions

    The 40 Day Soul Fast

    This 40 Day Soul Fast is about finding peace in your soul and becoming the change you would like to see in your sphere of influence. It is loosely based on Dr Cindy Trim's book, The 40 Day Soul Fast. The main aim "is to reconnect you with the true essence of a healthy soul - to lead you to a place in God where your soul can be healed - to reacquaint you with your authentic self".
  • 7 Sessions

    The Daniel Fast

    The program covers basic detoxing strategies for your whole being. The Psychological and Emotional aspects of us along with the physical part of our being.…